Future Plans & Healthy Practices:

Action Plan of Internal Quality Assurance Cell:

  1. Every department will submit its progress report to the Coordinator of IQAC on 15th August, 15th December and 15th April of every year.
  2. Every department will get feedback from students on set questionnaires and act accordingly on the basis of information received. IQAC will also analyze that information and covey the findings to Management and Principal of the college.
  3. Every department will discuss at least twice in a year (November and January) with parents and alumni at departmental level and adopt the suggestions. The departments will convey the proceedings of such meetings in writing to IQAC so that quality related targets may be improved.
  4. Every department will fix its annual targets regarding teaching days, examination results, publication of research papers and books, participation in seminars, conferences and workshops, organization of various activities like debates, quiz competition, guest lectures, seminars, conferences, workshops, etc. The departments will provide information about targets and achievements to IQAC and college administration. The departments will make every effort to achieve the target of minimum 180 teaching days in a year.
  5. There should be emphasis upon the adoption of following best practices-
    • Regular role of Parents - Teachers and Alumni Associations at departmental level.
    • Regular technical training for non-teaching staff.
    • Unitization of syllabi and availability of plan of lectures to students.
    • Regular discussion of Principal and Coordinator of IQAC with various departments.
    • Regular role of students in the decisions relating activities of various departments.
    • Solution of problems through Tutor-Ward system at PG level.
    • Regular and systematic collection of information.
    • Preparation of plans and budgets through democratic procedure.
    • Activation of placement cells at departmental level.
  6. IQAC will publish a handwritten magazine on quarterly basis and promote the best practices to improve the quality circles in the college.



Healthy Practices

In assessment of teachers and other employees for purpose of promotion, etc. due weightage is given to the overall performance. The regular academic programmes are considerably strengthened by self-financing courses in the college. At departmental level, efforts are made for placement of students. There is interaction with parents, old students and other distinguished citizens for discipline and development of the college. Involving students in various committees, the college takes decisions on democratic basis. Value based education is imparted through lectures by teachers and distinguished guests and through programmes aimed at inculcating such values in the students. Various co-curricular and extra-curricular activities including games & sports, debates, group discussions, quiz, seminars, etc. are regularly organized to develop all round personality of the learners at departmental as well as college level. The college annual magazine - ABHIVYAKYI is regularly published.